Les Trois


By: Ryan W.

"Bring the desserts!" the queen commands, before turning to her son. Her son, the prince has been eagerly waiting for the best for last and she knew this. Desserts have always been his preferred food.

Three comely ladies walk in the hall in a single file, each carrying a golden platter that held a different dessert. They stop at the head of the table, and blush under the piercing gaze of the prince. The prince of course, directs his gaze not at the ladies, but at the desserts with a greedy look in his eyes. The desserts were all chocolate, and chocolate is his favorite sweet. The head baker bows with a flourish before the prince and begins to showcase his tempting delicacies.

He ushers the first maiden to come forth. In her platter sits a chocolate eclair glazed with a dark chocolate fondant. The eclair, still warm and fresh from the oven melts the fondant, causing it to drip slowly over the eclair's brown, elongated body. Steam emits from the cut made by the prince's fork, and the whipped cream within gushes out. He raises the fork to his mouth and savors the chocolaty delight. A rush of euphoria tingles through his whole body, and his stomach suddenly warms up. He wipes the oozing mixture of cream and fondant from the platter with his finger and licks it happily. Clearly the eclair is a tempting treat!

"Hmm. An enticing dessert,“ he compliments the baker. With a wave of his hand, he gestures for the next dessert.

The second maiden displays a platter with an intricate crystal glass atop of it. In the glass sits a Dame blanche, poured with hot molten chocolate. The whole provides a perfect example of opposites attract, as the molten chocolate pours in trickles on the vanilla ice cream. The prince dips his dessert spoon in the Dame and eats the combined ice cream and chocolate. Warmth and cold clash for his mouth's attention, leaving a pleasant aftertaste inside his throat . He licks the remaining cream in the spoon and grins. Surely, the Dame blanche would be a tastier sweet.

"Is that really the best you can do baker?" he thunders unimpressed. The baker trembles at the sound of the prince's voice. "Do not worry your Highness. There is still one more dessert to sample.“

The third maiden scurries to the prince's chair, holding a platter with a golden goblet on it. The prince lifts the goblet and takes a deep sniff. Hot Chocolate. A thick, puffy marshmallow swims idly along the hot, dark brown liquid, tempting him to enjoy the pleasures it could offer. Drink me. Come on, just one little sip.

The drink seemed to croon. The prince raises the goblet to lips and take three long gulps. Another rush of warmth and euphoria fill his body, as he smacks his lips contentedly. Good Lord! How can the hot chocolate compete with the other two desserts?

The prince puts the goblet down and inhales, then exhales.

"I have decided on the dessert for my birthday feast…" he pauses. Everyone present waits in dreaded anticipation.

"I choose ALL OF THEM! Well done baker! You've truly outdone yourself this time. I expect you to present a hundred of these each at my party."

The baker sighed exasperatedly. He is going to have a lot of work cut out for him.