Anonymous Ann

The Bowl of Blueberries By: Anonymous Ann

He loved her, she knew he did. It was in the little things he did, like always keeping her favorite food on hand. Every night, she ate a bowl full of ripe blueberries, drenched in heavy cream. As she lounged in bed, spoon full of berries to her lips, she looked over at him. He was perched on an elbow, watching like an expectant puppy. She smiled and offered him a berry. He, like always, refused. When a berry escaped her lips, and slid down between her breasts, she said “whoops” and he graciously offered to lap up the wayward berry. His tongue licked the creamy trail and slurped up the naughty berry.

Then it dawned on her. It was winter. Blueberries weren’t even in season. It wasn’t often she lost a blueberry, yet every time she did, her husband quickly agreed to retrieve it. She looked at him, he grinned and looked at the bowl of berries. She dropped another berry and saw a sexy grin cross is lips, he practically jumped to retrieve it. She finished the berries and slurped the cream, making sure to leave a milky gloss on her lips. He kissed it off for her.

The next night, as she lay naked in bed, she called down to her husband to bring her up a bowl of blueberries and cream. When he turned the corner, bowl in hand, his grin disappeared when he saw her propped up, naked. “Berries,” she said, motioning to the bowl. He handed her the bowl and took his usual spot beside her. She took a large, precarious scoop of berries and slide them into her mouth. She heard him sigh. She grinned an ever so innocent smile and refilled her spoon. This time, a berry fell, toppled down between her breasts and stopped on her stomach. Their eyes met. He looked at the berry, then back at her. He slowly, painstakingly careful to get all the cream, licked the trail. “Thank you,” she offered. He was already looking at the bowl. The next spoonful was uneventful, he sighed. The next spoonful had one wayward berry roll all the way to her thigh. He was extra careful to not leave any cream behind. She took the final scoop and placed it on her chest. She slowly lifted the spoon and watched a dozen or so blueberries streak across her body. Her husband moaned in delight.