Flower Jet

After-Work Treat By: Flower Jet

My feet had a mind of their own as they propelled me to my tiny apartment. I breathed out a heavy sigh when I closed the door to the repulsive stench that usually clung to my side of town further adding to the gloominess of the sordid place. The chilly weather certainly did the area no favors but there was no time to ponder on useless thoughts when the most scrumptious treat was waiting for me to devour it.

The preparations were quick but careful and when I straddled the stool, the spine-tingling aroma was wafting through the air and invoking the animal in me. I glanced at a nearby mirror and almost jumped at the sight of my blown-out pupils and the feral look decorating my face. I guess I really lost my humanity when it came to delicious food, but who wouldn’t?

The bread soldiers melted under my touch and the first dip into the tomato gooeyness sent my blood pumping. My taste buds burst to life and the mixture of rich tomatoes and crunchy garlic-infused bread had me moaning in delight. The pleasure ignited flames as it ran through my veins and my body shook with the intensity of the warmth wrapping itself around me.

The next bite was even more scrumptious than the first. The sour cream added a sliver of tanginess that made love to the tomatoes and came together in a heavenly mixture in my mouth. The pungent scent of the black pepper added a certain sweetness to the fragrance licking at my senses and ignited an extraordinary high that had me melting in my seat. I was amazed I hadn’t gulped the delectable treat but something as amazing as this, needed time to savor Every. Tasty. Morsel.

I got a glass of water and took a few quick sips, eager to get back to my slice of heaven. Bite after bite, I devoured my soup and when the bread soldiers were cooling in my belly - I hurried through making another batch and added melted cheese which clung to the steamy toast. The cheese entwined beautifully with the soup and added to the stickiness that glided down my throat. I licked the bowl clean and sat back with a satisfied hum, too full to get up and clean the disaster of a kitchen behind me.

My eyes drooped and a silly smile spread across my face as I bathed in the after-glow of a hearty warm meal. Nothing was as amazing like an after-work treat that could hit the right spot after a long stressful day at work. My entire body seemed to agree and with a huge yawn that echoed in the quite space, I dragged myself to bed and into the land of sweet, soup-filled dreams.