Jasmine Holloman

Celebrating His Dirty 30 By: Jasmine Holloman

It was my husband’s thirtieth birthday or as some affectionately call it, his “Dirty 30”. I aimed to bring the dirty part of his day to life, by focusing on baking him a cake that he would never forget. I began by melting a long, hard stick of butter. I poured the hot liquefied butter into a bowl filled with softened cream cheese and sugar.

For three minutes, I combined the ingredients together until they blended into a creamy mixture. One by one, I cracked three large, golden eggs and beat them into the mix. While adding a lemon peel and vanilla extract, I beat them until there were no traces of the egg yolks to be found.

I then poured flour and tossed bright blueberries into the bowl. The blueberries burst with each toss filling the bowl with sweet juices. Then, I cut a lemon in half, squirting the acidic liquid into the mixture, ensuring the cake rose moistly. As the cake baked in the oven, I whipped the best part of any cake together- the glaze. Combining powdered sugar and lemon juice, I mixed the ingredients together, creating a smooth, glossy glaze.

Once the cake was done and cooled, I called my husband downstairs into the kitchen for him to watch me drizzle the glaze onto the cake. My husband moaned with excitement, anxious for the cake to reach his mouth. I cut him a slice before feeding it to him.

Glaze dripped down his lip as he anticipated the sweet climax of his favorite flavors unfolding with every bite.