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After-Work Treat

By: Flower Jet

Les Trois Chocolats

By: Ryan W.

Hots With a Haughty Hottie

By: Astral


By: Terence Talagon @trncrobeje

The Peach

By: Ellen Macafee @cuddleprinciple

Celebrating His Dirty 30

By: Jasmine Holloman

Presentation Is Everything

By: Caryn Hex

The Right Way

By: J.J Florence @_JJFlorence

The Drip

By: Ellen Macafee @cuddleprinciple

The Bowl of Blueberries

By: Anonymous Ann

The Only Way to Eat a Cinnamon Roll

By: Ellen Macafee @cuddleprinciple


The Only Way to Eat a Cinnamon Roll

For Dickie by Ellen Macafee

She ordered her usual. A large cinnamon roll, dripping with icing and an extra tub of icing. She sat in a noticeable spot in the food court, though she didn’t look around.

She took the tub of icing and with a loud moan, opened the lid. Her tongue swirled around the remains on the cover. A look of ecstasy on her face. She placed the lid carefully on the table. With one finger, she swirled the icing, around and around. She plunged a finger into the center and gasped. Several people looked at her, she didn’t notice. Methodically, slowly, she fingered the icing. First one finger, then two. In and out, she worked it. She let out a sigh and lifted two iced fingers from the tub.

The translucent icing dripped from her fingers. She placed them to her mouth and began to slowly lick the frosting. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she thrust both fingers into her mouth, almost gagging in the process. A devilish smile crossed her lips as she withdrew her fingers.

Her focus shifted to the cinnamon roll. Steam still rising from the fresh-from-the-oven baked good. She bent down and inhaled deeply. She crossed her legs and shifted her weight. She took her finger and traced the center of the roll, teasing, and taunting the edges. Her breath was quick little gasps. She stuck in one finger, then two and moaned. With a wicked grin, she pulled slowly, deliberately and the center of the roll popped out.

The man couldn’t quit looking. His fork had made it halfway to his mouth before he saw her. He’d had to shift in his chair more than once, as he watched her plunge her fingers into to gooey icing. When she lifted the translucent colored liquid from the container and thrust it into her mouth, he had to choke back a gasp.

She took the center of the roll and plunged it into the liquid icing. She plunged and plunged and the man swore he could hear a slurping, smacking noise. Her entire body was moving. She was rocking forward and back, faster and faster. She bit her lip and groaned. She carefully turned the center of the roll upside down and let the icing drip into the tub. When little more than a drop remained, she brought the center to her lips. With her tongue, she flicked the remaining drops onto her lips and savored them.

She dipped the tip into the icing, slowly brought it to her lips, smiled a wicked little grin, and bit it off. The man spewed his drink across the table and doubled over in pain.