Sometimes it's fun to get creatively naughty with food. 
Life is too short to not enjoy and savor every morsel.  

Theme for Summer: 

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Itchy, Smelly, Sweaty? We've got remedies for that!

Welcome to the funnest (yes, I know that funnest is technically not a word, but when is eating a cinnamon roll sexy?) creatively naughty contest on the web. 

Submission dates:
Spring: MarchAprilMay - March 1 to May 20th
Summer: JuneJulyAugust - June 1 to August 20th
Fall: SeptemberOctoberNovember - September 1 to August 20th
Winter: DecemberJanuaryFebruary - December 1 to February 20th

Early submissions will not be accepted. Well, they will be accepted, just not eligible for that season's competition. 

The winner receives $25, a page of fame on the website and Twitter shout-outs!

Find all the rules: HERE

Who Am I?

To be honest, I'm a wife and mom of 5 kids. I write stories for kids and I have a creatively naughty side. I thought, if I have a creatively naughty side, I bet so do others, so let's create a place for people to express it!

You can find me on Twitter @kelleymlikes

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